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14309 E 44th St. S, Independence MO 64055

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For more information or a No-Obligations Appointment, just call (816) 373-8813 or complete the form below and we will quickly respond. Resumes & More of Missouri and Kansas is ready help you build a resume that tells your unique story in a way that will surprise you. Call us now to begin the process.

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“Just a note to tell you that I have had astounding results using the resume that you wrote. I am being fought over by several companies, and I love it! Everyone thinks I have a great resume.” James M.

“Gerald, I found a job that I like! Just wanted to say thank you for your help.”- Margaret E.

“Thanks again for taking the time to get to know me and my strong points before writing my resume. I also think the letter you wrote is fantastic. I really like the approach you took. I feel more confident about sending my resume to employers now. “ - Alexis M.

“Thank you so much for your help!!!! I have already passed your information on to two people. Thanks again for guiding me through this process. “ - Christie H.

“Gerald – I am so EXCITED! I am blushing just reading my resume. It was a GOD send for me to find your contact online. I really appreciate your services. “- Charmaine B.

“I really like the cleaner organization of the layout for more precise minds and I like the intro. Again, Gerald it’s great, I am really excited to see it with my attributes so I can pursue another career path.” Deepest appreciation, Kimberly H.

“Gerald, thank you for your assistance with the creating of my professional resume. I couldn't have done it without your excellent work.” Dacia M, LPC